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Begin your journey to a healthier and happier you by booking a session with Mitsuko Yoga today.

“I have never felt more relaxed and centered after a yoga session than I have with Mitsuko. Her Restorative Yoga with Sound class is a game-changer!”

- Sarah K.

I loved Mitsuko’s demeanor :) I found the class to be rejuvenating and relaxing. I could feel the stagnant energy flow through my body and it brought up a lot of emotions. Excellent class I’ll be returning!🤍

- Lexi D.

(Gong Yoga Nidra)

Mitsuko has a real gift for being present with people, making people feel like she is fully present in their presence and that they are valued, and in a way that is gentle and authentic.
After the session I received the comment, "wow you are glowing, your energy feels different, super grounded and really in your wise woman power."”

- Jennifer D.


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